Lean In

Transcripts Available 2 weeks after sermon is preached
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Special Music/Dramas may not be included on the full service DVDs due to copyright restrictions.


If you order the entire Series it will not be shipped until ALL of the Sermons have been preached.

The individual sermons listed below will be available as they are preached. Click on the links below to check the dates. Transcripts of sermons are available approximately 2 weeks after they are preached. DVD series are available after approximately 1 week.

Paul's letters to young Timothy can be summarized in two words:  Lean In.  In a world of apathy and opposition, followers of Jesus must live with a power and a passion that express themselves through action.  Even if we feel unqualified or overwhelmed, we can trust the promises of God's Word, knowing He can use us to make a difference.  When we lean, we declare our dependence.  When we lean in, we unite in forward movement.  Now's not the time to step back to fade away - it's time to lean in.  

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