Pursued for Relationship


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SKU: LW3668
Author: Wilhite, Jud

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Jud Wilhite currently serves as the senior pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada.

People often see God as a police officer chasing them down or as a judge waiting to convict them of all their crimes. Yet God isn't pursuing us to give us a ticket, but to offer us His grace. This is illustrated powerfully in the story of Hosea. His wife, Gomer, is lost in a life of prostitution, owing more debts than she can ever hope to pay. God tells Hosea to not only pay the price for his lost wife, but to "go and love her," despite her failures. This is the nature of God's extravagant grace. He loves us when we are least lovable. He pays a high price for us when we are least valuable. It's time to stop running and be caught by grace.

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